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From the beginning, owner Lee Ann Merrick has said, “Tinwings is an extension of my home kitchen. That’s why we laugh and play and I surround myself with people who love making food as much as I do.”

From weekly meals and boutique catering to boxed lunches, our primary goal is to make delicious food simple for you.


Tinwings ToGo Weekly Meals


Join our email list (to the right) to have our weekly Tinwings ToGo menus sent straight to your inbox every Wednesday. Unlike other weekly meal services, there is no fee or ongoing commitment, and no two menus are ever the same.


Tingwings Market


Forget to order ahead or happen to be in the neighborhood? Stop by Tinwings Market in the Nations and choose from the luscious goodies we’ve prepared. Our fridges and our freezers are always stocked: We cook delicious food all week so you don’t have to! Our doors are open Tuesday through Friday, 11am-6pm and Saturday 11am – 3pm.


Catered Events


Planning a special event? We offer full-service catering that is never from a preset menu. Every detail, down to the plating, is carefully considered. Let Tinwings Catering help make your next event delicious, beautiful and effortless for you and your guests.


Boxed Lunches


Whether hosting a business meeting or simply entertaining your book club, let us plan, shop, cook, pack & deliver a delicious lunch for you and your guests! From tailgates to Steeplechase, ordering a Tinwings boxed lunch is as easy as homemade oatmeal pie (oh yes, we did that).


Available in any amount. Perfect for
any occasion.

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